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Breast Cancer Survivor’s Wellness

Our clinical services also include:

Breast Cancer Survivor’s Wellness Program

Along with the increase in breast cancer awareness there has been a significant focus on early detection and successful treatment for both women and men. However, what do you do once you’re finished with treatment and considered in “remission?” Where do you turn for support beyond the recovery phase of survivorship? How do you deal with the continued side effects and significant health concerns due to your cancer battle?

Now, TruCare Health has you covered. Developed by Donna Valentine, PA, one of our well-respected physician’s assistants, our Breast Cancer Survivor’s Wellness Program focuses on helping survivors with their transition from treatment to recovery.

Our program may include:

  • Help with fatigue, chronic discomfort and hormone changes
  • A personal nutrition and weight loss plan
  • Strategies for stress reduction and help reducing fear and anxiety
  • Genetic testing to support your long-term health goals

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