TruCare Health | Orange County's Premier Medical Health Center | General Information
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General Information

We value patient relationships and believe in the importance of full-spectrum primary care including combining conventional with alternative or complementary treatments. Our philosophy includes an evidence based/functional medicine approach of “Test Don’t Guess” offering individualized treatment plans for optimizing health, well-being, and longevity.

  • Our dynamic IFM.Member physician, physician assistants, and an IFM.AFMCP trained nutritionist provide a highly collaborative team for personalized care
  • Physical assessment, symptoms, and laboratory findings help to make for a customized approach- unique to YOU!
  • Specialties include strategies related to GI/SIBO and digestive issues, nutrition, chronic disease, breast cancer survivor wellness, genetics, fatigue, diabetes prevention and management, hormone metabolism and balance, cardiovascular health, weight-loss, and anti- inflammatory conditions.
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